Tuesday, 30 May 2017

What happened in 2015?

I was having a little scroll through the mobile version of this here blog since I've been bombarded with harassment emails from g suite to renew the domain. Turns out I shoulda paid attention to those emails and saved myself the fuss over renewals - my precious blog was down and who knows for how many days!

Anyhow, then I noticed how I literally had one post in the whole of 2015. So I thought to myself, what on earth happened there? 

I mean, I had so much content to write. I got married, and by no mean feat, I accomplished putting together an entire wedding in a month (and on budget!) at the end of 2014 so why didn't I write about this? Now I've probably forgotten half the details.. which may be a good thing, there's always aspects to such a thing that one wishes to forget.. and anyone who tells you any different is lying. And since we live in the age of social media where we try to flaunt what a (mostly faux) fabulous life we live, you can count on this truth especially around weddings.

Anyway, where was I?

Because 2015 was when I started freelancing as a producer. Rather brave considering the saturated pot of producers out there - and the significantly lower amount of worth-their-salt production managers and coordinators. I had a fabulous year though, and no I'm not fauxing that - it's fact. I went to London for a shoot, I worked with my huzzband on several projects, one even won a Loerie that year. I pitched on several multimillion jobs and won them (quoting game whoop whoop) and even managed to take off 6 weeks to go on the #Megamoon to end honeymoons before ending the year with a crazy cross country shoot for a big beer ad. Okay, Eric and Kate might have taken the ranking of hectic honeymoons after their glorious cross continents version but I LOVED ours just the same.

Which brings me to why did I not write about those magical experiences? I can see so many drafts on my home page where I did seem to do a lot of stop-starting on the topic.. but nothing ever came of it. And I have high opinions to share about Paris and Berlin, not to mention the mad island and town hopping we managed to achieve from Croatia - you know, the country my family hails from. I mean, the bus rides, the ferries, the x-files airports just to name a few means of transport we used -- although, this barely rivals Retini's commute from Bali to JHB this year 😂

And how I discovered the documentary "The True Cost" and how this absolutely changed my attitude towards my shopping addiction and directed me to find better, fairer ways to feed said addiction. How I educated myself and became obsessed with finding organic and fair trade cotton. Which I then did find and created a bloody uniform for my pregnancy - although this was a year later and to my credit, I did write about this. 

I would like to pledge that I will write more. I enjoy writing and telling my stories - I get to write as much as I frikken want and nobody gets bored or tries to change the subject. At least that's how it happens in my fantasy of seeing people read my blog in my head. 

But it's not something I can promise. After all, I am a new mom, still getting used to the idea that all my time belongs to my little lion cub and aside from how beautiful he is making up for the gazillion dirty cloth nappies and hours spent gnawing at my tits, now he's smiling and cooing so I'm pretty preoccupied even when not tending to the usual baby demands. Life is beautiful and I would love to share stories of just how so, but gift me a moment -- and I really do aim to not leave you dry like I did in 2015. 


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