Friday, 20 May 2016

home improvements

It appears that it is common knowledge that renovations end up costing you twice as much as what you were initially quoted. and this is only true because once you’re in that strange, theatrical world of bashing and tiling you figure, hell, might as well get that done also. Oh and yes, I’ll take those real, oak wooden floors too. Le sigh.

My one sincere regret in all of it, has to be that I didn’t replace the one and only bathtub in the whole apartment. Goddammit; R10 000 never looked quite so affordable as it would have in my brand spanking new bathroom.

before.. (also please note, all same finishes used throughout previously, kitchen / bathroom? same same)
after.. with the same tub shame.

Another universal truth is how we as humans, manage to accumulate so much clutter and crap in less than a year of living in a space.

I was granted the great fortune of working solidly since the January 8th until the end of April on some really wonderful projects (more on that later, much later or possibly not at all as my blogging seems to have slowed down to a backwards sort of hop) which kept me busy and temporarily living outside of my city.

Upon my return, and every return is also experienced this way; the absolute joy and reverie to be in our apartment again. To sleep in my king size bed (no, standard, not extra length; jeepers who can afford that linen…)

So now in my down time; home in Johazardousburg, I’ve been tackling some home projects that we’ve been threatening to do. Before we moved to Millie’s we lived in a 2 bed 2 bath, 80 odd square meter apartment in the heart of Sandton. The second bedroom was literally my wardrobe room and here I had immersed my clothing onto many magical items; like the spiral clothing rail you’ll find at shops, an antique 3-door wardrobe and numerous disposable (I say this because these things always, without fail, break) rails to house my incredibly gluttonous collection of clothes.

herewith the empty remains of my wardrobe rail contraptions at Grayston. Also, I totes upgraded that little seatee you see.

Now, cut to moving day into Millies. A 3 bed, 3 bath apartment where we chose to use the master suite as a private lounge rather than our bedroom. And the cupboard situation is quite dire. But this you don’t realise when renovating a place without having actually lived in the space first. The cupboard in our bedroom could only just fit my huzzband’s wardrobe; and his, although not quite the same quantity, gives me a good run anyhow.

So this left me with the cupboard in our private lounge/master suite. No problem. I’ll just use the antique wardrobe and one of those disposable rails for the over flow.
Okay, I’ll also use spare room’s cupboard for the coats; just like we did at Grayston.

Yaaaas. Which brings me to the spare room. Gosh, these spaces are never nice. Always the door you keep closed and usher guests very far away from.
Which would be just fine if this room wasn’t situated adjacent to the powder room.

With so little storage space, one becomes limited as to where the hell to keep all those ugly items; like vacuum cleaners and ironing boards, step ladders and tool boxes.
Oh and, let’s just keep our old, mix and match bedroom suite in here; exactly as it was. Broken feet on the bed base? No problem, leave it on the floor. No head board? No problem, just keep using the rickety room divider from Markstry’s old bachelor pad. Oh and here’s every old laundry basket/bin thing that you ever owned ever, you know just incase you thought the room wasn’t crowded enough.

Anyhow. What I’m trying to relay here, in the long winded fashion that is my only way to do so; is that the spare room was my number one project takedown in this uncommon free time.
Not that I haven’t had free time before.
It’s just now I have free time and cash money.
Storage space (and all this docu-drama of fair trade) has curbed my spending on clothing so this is my new, almost-30 way of spending copious amounts of money; on house things. Also, they don’t care if you get fat; they look pretty and beautiful just the same.

First thing, and I would be misleading here if I didn’t mention that this was done first up a while back, was to get my huzzband to install new feet onto the base of the bed. Ta-daaaaaa, already a world of difference to the space, suddenly appears to have room although still containing much of the above mentioned cleaning and drilling equipment.

Next, call Enock.

Here is where I am devoutly self-claiming, that I am a wonderful caring and sharing person because I will gladly share Enock’s details with anyone who asks. Enock is this incredible human who paints miracles.
I owe a lot of home transformation items to him, all the wonderful paintwork at Millie’s is thanks to him.
Together, we took an old piece of rather ugly office furniture and created a pretty damn awesome display cabinet that now proudly exhibits the fancy china.

before, in its office furniture like glory..


the final and beautiful result
So Enock comes round to gift me quote on the few things I had in mind for the transformation; and of course, not wanting to be left out, I also added a few bits for my bedroom too. Enock tells me that this what I want is actually wallpaper. But anything is possible.

And so it is to be that I sneak some suspicious pink like colour passed my huzzband and completely recreate the vaaib that’s going on in the spare room. I decide on a very quick upgrade to the BIC and we paint that too. I use a drill for the very first time and install the new handles myself. (Not the easiest task for me and my weak little hands, but I was determined to do it alone and show off to the huzzband later)
Spring/Autumn clean everything; get rid of that which we do not need anymore and find space in the cupboard to hide as many ugly tools. Choose one laundry basket to stay. Get mirrors into the tennis rackets purchased 5 years ago.

Now all I am waiting for is the chosen headboard. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll update this later when I have a pic of the glorious finished product.

couldn't resist sharing a little sneak peek..

So now, my project is complete. Well, sort of. Minus one head board that we still wait for. 
And then there’s the two chairs for the head of the table that we are restoring. But I can totes talk about that another time. Pictures to follow even.

had to share a snapshot of our master bedroom. master because this is where we sleep.

k thanks bye.


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