Monday, 19 October 2015

where to from here?

I'm struggling to write a single post today as there about a few hundred that are circling my brain right now.
But there is this urgent pressure to put something out there, incomplete as it may be.

I pushed my wedding up by a year and after 30 days of crazy..
I got married.
I renovated our apartment.
I embarked on the honeymoons to end all honeymoons with my huzzband.
the #MegaMoon

Now I'm back home after 6 magical weeks and I need to share all these ancedotes but I have no idea where to begin even.
I have experienced so much in the last year and all I want to do is share my learnings, from the reality of being a Bridezilla, to transit in Croatia, to shocking truths about fair trade and the garment industry it's really hard for me to decide where to begin.


perhaps my best way forward is to quite simply, write my intentions.
that's it.
let's get stuck in.

how to plan a wedding in 30 days.

the mini moon part 1: all of the h's
the mini moon part 2: graaf reiniet
the mini moon part 3: eastern cape


#megamoon : munchen
#megamoon : berlin
#megamoon : paris
#megamoon : croatia

and this list will grow and be updated. and it will not appear in any particular order but I'll be sure to tag it correctly so that ya'll have some sort of choice as to what you would like to read ;)

oh, and also, please bare with me with the new arrangements of the look of this here blog. I was told that the "dynamic" template I was using earlier just didn't reflect enough of me. Hence, I am currently trying to renovate this look too and my skills at CSS, HTML and other #BSTechJargon are limited at best but I'm trying here :)

okay bitches, be back soon!


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