Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Illicit Affairs with Local

If there is an outfit I was dying to write about, it would be this one. Caraki let me in on the fabulous of fabulous secrets, the launch of the Anisa Mpungwe's collection for #mrpricefashion. The excitement friends, it was at the Sandton Protea Court store - so close to home, happy face. That night I was channeling my inner ballerina, wearing a blush mesh shirt paired with a gentle pastel rose print skirt. I had my hair up and wore those spectacular #Melissa's I picked up in München. I love having 'excuse' to use my hot pink leather tote, goodness when I found that bag I couldn't leave the seat I'd needed to take when I first laid hands on soft leather.

Okay but this is not actually the outfit I had in mind to tell you about, oh nooooo, this is only the prologue. That night, I found something that I wish I could just wear every day. The Anisa print skirt. From the ivory cream colour to the magnificent and bold font and incredible cut (Showee, that skirt be making me feel all kinds of sexy woman!) I feel so fortunate to have it hang in my wardrobe.

The following evening was the opening for #RozanneandPushkin and +#BlueCollarWhiteCollar stores in Pretoria so a mini roadtrip was in order. That night I wore another #AnisaMpumgwe piece, a beautiful tricolor shirt with faux leather sleeves. And this is wear I found the top I want to wear ALL summer. Now, there are not a lot of occasions that I feel this way, I love the idea of wearing something different every day, so for me, this is pretty heavy. So this amazing cropped crochet masterpiece, in white to really make that tan pop, oh I love it so much, it's so romantic.

Somewhere along the line, which is also weird because I spent my entire engagement honeymoon looking for these shoes all over Munchen only to find them here. In Sandton City even. Le sigh. I loved the idea of wooden sandals so much, I asked my brother to bring me back a pair of traditional Chinese shoes - those ones with the platform? Obsessed a little bit... So I found these, and there were so many colours to choose from, it was really difficult to choose. It's awesome that the simple change of colour, alters it to an entirely different shoe.

And then let me move so swiftly to my accessories. Note to take special attention of my choice of handbag. The choice of awesome. I wanted a leather backpack that could fit my iPad (or for the most part, giant sunglasses cases but more on that later) and would be able to withstand the test of time to become vintage for my children. So I found this precious cargo at the very start of my summer in Europe, but I'm a professional and I'm just getting started. So of course, I only get it at the closing ;) I chose tan because it's an earthy tone that just gets better with age, classic colour. And it was local, #Picard has been producing leather fabulousness since 1928 in Germany. Their stuff is awesome, me and @markstry also chose laptop covers at duty free -- you gotta love local!

And if you look really closely you might spy some sunglasses casually nestled into the crochet goodness. These are an art piece. Absolutely. Dolce and Gabbana (yesssssss bitches!) acetate frames in that glorious round cateye with lace gold side detail. Flawless. Despite the major baggage to contain them, they are quite simply worth it.

Guysss, this is my most favourite outfit of the season, I'll just keep switching the shoes to make it different.. Which reminds me, have you followed the blog on #Instagram, best get on it @ohSHOEisME


photo credit of the amazing outfit: Ndumiso Sibanda

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