Monday, 28 October 2013

hey, are you there writer? it's me, your blog..

darling friends.
much time has passed since I last blogged and whilst I could gift you ample excuses for my absence, I shan't. Instead, I will offer some prose about what's to come.
I don't really like posting without some pretty pictures for ya'll to look at but there really is a first for everything.

A lot has come to pass since I last put fingertip to keyboard, a fabulous European summer holiday, a betrothal (yes!), trunk sales, design markets, launches, foodhalls, concerts.. All of which should be shared in due course.

Since my return to sunny South Africa (a term that should be perhaps used more loosely as the weather of late has left some to be desired, although as we approach Halloween it seems to be an annual occurrence of low temperatures) I have been so very busy producing television commercials that I haven't had a moments chance to visit the yoga studio. It has become apparent to me that this directly relates to my inspirational blogging levels. No yoga equals no posts. And since I actually really heart both matters, something's gotta give. 

And how coincidental that today, whilst doing much admin in Nice-Na, I would have a Tai Chi class in an hour's time and I am writing this post.

Speak soon my lovelies, and I promise, next time with pretty pretty pictures.