Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Meet me in Munchen...

In a month from now I would have been in Munchen one day. Whilst the normal reaction to this should be that I would be giddy with excitement, I am somewhat on pause. Now this could be due to my sense of dread that I have less than one month to become bikini ready, or that I can't eat cheese for a month, or that I have to stop shopping for a month but really, really, it's because if I start expressing the excitement people might go deaf around me.

About a month ago I decided boooooooom it's time to get bikini ready. Do you know how hard that is? What with the sun rising way after 06h30 and the biting winter chill - I don't care what you've heard it hasn't been THAT easy a winter. After all I still have to wear a coat over some of my more delicate outfits. I haven't been to yoga in over 3 months and the one class I managed to attend last week had me contorting in pain from simply trying to buckle up in the motor vee-hee-cle. Anyway, today is another attempt to get into the swing of things. Sipping on some Ooleng tea (it's okay, it's not bad I guess. I do prefer peppermint though) and eating Future Life every morning (blugh but at least it's just a add hot water kind of deal so quick enough for hasty morning exits) trying to remember to drink that crapload of water one is meant to intake to lose weight.

new shorter hair means one must stick to one's resolutions...

black and gold sunnies for my trip yes please #armani
Friends, I am so pale and pasty. At last week's #TheCollective I was finally able to wear a pencil skirt I purchased from Top Shop (by this I mean that I was able to sit down without cutting off circulation in my thighs) but I decided to pair it with the puppy dog mustard sweatshirt that I really hate now. I know, it doesn't make sense, how does one go from YAY I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE THIS IN MY LIFE to GAWD GET IT OFF ME in a matter of wears? My resolution to this is to wear it as sleepwear but even that's not working, the colour is just so meh. Okay that's a bit harsh, the colour is fabulous but just not working with platinum blonde and pasty olive skin. Which brings me back to my initial track of thought, because at #TheCollective I searched frantically for a replacement top and found this super cute tee (I know I said t-shirts are the worst thing to happen to fashion but this one can't quite classically be qualified as a t-shirt) with gold chain mesh detail on the short sleeves. Eeeeek, not only do I have to show off pasty skin but chunky arms too. Sigh. Luckily skirt with sweet heart design (or Batman as the boys thought it was) tights were a welcome distraction.

But we push forward. Today I feel centered. Possibly with the thought that I would be in Munchen a month from now but I think these passed three yoga classes are gearing me to the right frame of mind. Also my sides really hurt so that must mean I'm ridding these gawdawful love handle vibes before my body hits the pebbles of Croatia. Ohmgee I just supressed that scream of ultimate glee.


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