Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg #YoungWildandFree

I can't believe that a week ago I was dancing to Snoop Doggy Dogg at one of the more stranger venues in Johannesburg. When One Eyed Jack sent me their press release announcing his performances, very shortly after their announcement of VITC Alt-J show, I knew they would be my most favourite people forever. These are the same guys that brought us the #WeAreOneSA festival that caused my hair to stain yellow. No, I'm not holding onto any grudges ;)

So giddy with excitement, as some of my previous posts have suggested, I do love me some hip hop. The music brings back very fond memories of my days in college. Whilst Kanye was the soundtrack to my relationship, Snoop can be considered the prequel for lack of better terms. 

So whilst I was only really exposed to hip hop I would say properly in college, I do remember loving the soundtrack for Need For Speed Underground and that could be considered my adolescent dabblings in the genre. 

But enough reminiscing about the Snoop Dogg and Jim Morrison (#dies) version of Riders on The Storm, back to the lecture at hand. It was a cold wintery night as me, @markstry and my dear guests made our way to Ellis Park Indoor Arena. Now, you may be thinking that this isn't such a bizarre venue, everyone is familiar with the stadium and where one would expect a concert to take place. It wasn't at the stadium guys. I'm not saying it was a bad venue, I'm just expressing how difficult it was to find the right place. And the right entrance.
And this venue was so retro and interior, it caused me much excitement. It reminded me of the Roller Derby and sure enough some of the photographs displayed in the hallways depicted those strange sporting events that the premises is used for. The most interesting image of them all was that of a game of squash, the entire space in the darkness with the exception of the large clear box that held the gameplay. Fascinating.

The queues for the drinks were quick, I don't remember having to wait very long for a cold beer (of course these days served in plastic cups yuk) to be thrust into my hands. Yes that night I drank beer. But if your choice was Brutal Fruit or Beer the decision is not a difficult one. 

And then we dance and in suspense wait around for Snoop to appear on stage. Whisperings (or loud shouts, who can tell at these events) that Snoop only made an appearance 2 hours later than scheduled had me a little concerned. It was after all, a Sunday evening. And whilst I am all for ending weekends on such happy notes, I prefer them to conclude before my carriage turns into a pumpkin.
But of course, Snoop didn't disappoint me and shortly after AKA's performance we were staring in awe at this man who was dressed like my friend Motheo. So frikken Rasta. But still grasping the shiniest, what seemed to be, a diamond-encrusted microphone. There was also a lion that was embossed in the sparkly surface of the mic. Sporting shades and a giant beanie, Snoop launched into some of his golden oldies. 

From being scared that I wouldn't know any of his new material, I was transported to a magical place where the sea of cellphones live in the air. @markstry was in the photographer's pit to get some incredible close up shots and came to me after the first 3 songs with a somewhat stunned look. After all, this isn't the local DJ on the decks and the crowd. This was THE Snoop Dogg. About 1m away from the lens. We don't choose to get starstruck, it's just something that happens. 

mad bling
And so we danced and watched the main man smoke an entire joint on stage whilst some commotion occurred behind us. Turns out that super stars like Snoop can be smoking away but should the audience try and join in on the fun, there are big scary men on the edge of the circle waiting to catch you. Commotion explained. 

I had such a great time at this concert. I remember seeing Ross Garrett and waving but he didn't stop to greet me. @markstry says that I was too smiley, perhaps I creeped him out. Damn man, I was just too pleased as punch to be there. Thank you One Eyed Jack, ya'll are the frikken #best.


slick shoes Mister

Monday, 6 May 2013

Winter Warmers #TheCollective

I've been looking forward to this month's Collective for a number of reasons. One of the first being that I was having drinks with Suzi when I noticed her top was from Paige Smith, one of the designers that sells at the market. Shocked as she was that I would have recognised the brand (not everyone knows about that gift of mine) she was too excitable when I told her that her favourite designer has a pop up at this amazing design market. Quickly I fired off an iCal with the time, date and location and boom I started a new love affair. I love playing style cupid, I would say it's more fun and rewarding than that of those chubby cherubs.

here's me and Suzi xx

Then #TheCollective's Facebook page starting making noise about new announcements so I got even more excited - yes, I am capable of even more momentum than you know. The Collective is going to be launching a retail space later on in the year where we will be able to find our most favourite goodies more often than the first Sunday of every month. This month's market dabbled in what we can expect with a new stand "The Land of Milk and Honey" which showcases a collaboration of 5 designers' wares. I myself did purchase from this stall and had the most pleasant encounter with Cath. Oh how wonderful it was to meet the lady who started it all, Cath is the magnificent creature that started #TheCollective.
The Collective's own stall

I tried to sleep in this weekend but with all the early morning I've been having of late (I'm speaking of those where I find myself shooting the sunrise in Soweto) it becomes a rarity that I sleep through 7am (by 7am I mean that I've slept late). In all fairness to my timed clock, I was also super excited for the market and had not as yet decided what to wear. It's always tricky to get the right outfit for shopping, you don't want too many layers so as to make it immensely difficult (or pass off on) to try clothes on and at the same time be warm enough.

At about 09h00 the deceiving sunny weather still had a frosty bite to it so I opted for my wine coloured high waist jeans and a navy striped jersey I've been dying to wear for so long I am embarrassed to admit. It's a difficult jersey to wear, it's not cropped and it's not of a normal length but it went perfectly with high waisted jeans. And these jeans are killer, tuck and trim in all the right places whilst still making your bum look heavenly. Done deal. I have been looking for a Parka for a while now, one must always try and stay with the trends. I found a couple of expensive black ones but with navy being the new black it just wasn't going to cut it. Oh the tears of joy I cried when I laid hands upon this perfect navy one from (.... oooooh, you might have to comment on this post to find out). It has such a cute drawstring waistline so as to give it that feminine touch that it needs. And being a design market, I had to bring out the Paul Smiths, they are of course reserved for such special occassions such as this :)
paige smith = LOVE

But I'm sure you'd like to hear about my wonderful purchases now. There were some new stalls and some that were sadly missed (where were you Sam Star, I was looking forward to a new pair of shoes-ies) but as with every collective I attended, one of my first stops was Paige Smith. Last month I purchased the emerald green skirt and this month I nabbed myself a gorgeous leopard print batwing jersey top. Amongst the treasures on her rails, I found a wonderful navy dress [however the photographic evidence of this doesn't work for me - you can't get the right idea from the layers beneath the dress. I don't need to be putting up frumpy photos of myself online :P]

Next stop I found a cute mustard skirt from Scrabbyl. What I love most about #TheCollective is the magical discounts. Unlike other markets that submit you to sky high (higher than retail!) prices, the designers offer 50% and sample sales. Now with the exception of Suzi's friend Marina who purchased the brown leopard print Paige Smith, the chances of somebody wearing your treasure at the same time as you, close to none. But back to Scrabbyl which was selling cotton mini skirts for R80 and nothing on their rail exceeded R199, I was torn. But I left with the mustard skirt and faux leather placemats.

And then my final purchase was the mustard yellow (are we sensing a new palette yet?) sweater from The Land of Milk and honey stand. I saw the teaser pic of this sweater on Facebook and I knew I had to have it. I've been looking for a printed pullover since last year when I saw the owl knit jersey for Burberry. What's even more special about my sweater from the Grandpa Range at Mingo Lamberti is that only 175 of each design can be found around the country so it's like a special limited edition. Obviously the stress of keeping it intact is greater than ever as it cannot be so easily replaced.

This time I stayed longer than my usual clock in at 10h00 and clock out before noon to avoid the rush and enjoyed some time with girlfriends in the sun. Sigh, if only my schmommy still lived in Joburg, she would really love this market.