Monday, 8 April 2013

#WeAreOneSA - a festival of colour, electro music and drunken behaviour

I first read about this event back in January and from there I knew that I would want me and @markstry to be there so that we could get some magical photographs. Of course when it became a countrywide sensation and the "social event of the calendar" to look forward to I knew my instincts had been right - this is where I would find some beautifully dressed people willing to face the full effects of holione colourful powder on their precious wardrobe. 

I for one have been steadily collecting white pieces since before #KanyeWest but to be honest, I wasn't keen on wearing any of those to this stain-warning event. The dress code was again all white so I opted for a crop vest with that studded brassiere underneath (bad idea, not sure how I'm to get the powder removed from it now) and then I paired it with this cross pattern skirt. I finally found those cute anklet socks with lace trim and I decided what the hell, I finally found them - if they get ruined I know where I can get more.
This is Lynne Whelehan who braved her pretty floral bomber and wedge kicks to the colour powders of the festival. I love her sorbet blue shades too.

little lace cotton socks
Carmen Hiemstra, I was too envious of her chic head gear
Apparently though, I did not prepare nearly enough and I was so envious of this beautiful girl's headscarf - my only #sadface about this festival was the yellow gunk that has remained in my lovely platinum locks. I would be okay if it was blue, pink, even green or orange but this yellow just makes it look like I have a really bad dye job. Especially since my hair became a most incredible rainbow of colour I don't think a hairdresser could mimic so sweetly. But note to self, next time to also add attractive head gear to outfit ensemble -- I wouldn't have appreciated any of my current hats to be stained with powder though.
The culprit behind ruining my platinum locks - evol yellow powder

Of course there were also those that we trying desperately to be trendy - I did see plenty of activity on Facebook where tickets were being sold at R1000 a pop. I remember my dear Cara trying to find a ticket and crying that she couldn't find any cheaper than that price; and I'm certain she wouldn't have enjoyed the festival -- it's safe to say that WeAreOneSA is something to rival Oppikoppi in terms of dust inhaled, only need five minutes inside the powder friendly area and your hair is as dirty as 3 days in at the Koppi. 

Anele - @affricanalien

I loved the safety haven of the Media tent. Away from all the drunken kids throwing powders recklessly. The cleanliness of the toilets. The ice cold readily available water. And then, seeing the fellow photographers, videographers, presenters and artists retreat from the powdery war-zone.
Look how clean I look!
Me and Toya DeLazy
Backstage I got to meet Toya DeLazy who was having a very fun time indeed. I made friends with the Sitaare dancers who happen to be just around the corner from my home in Sandton - I have been looking for a new dance class, do you think I could join? The gorgeous Sitaare dancers entertained the crowds with a dance after the countdown.
Sitaare Sandton - Riona Butho first from left is the team leader of these super dancers

Entertainment didn't stop there because if you looked up in the sky there were skydivers flying about with colourful parachutes and powders attached to them to create wonderful lines of colour. The extravaganza just didn't stop!

All in all I had a great time, I got to see @markstry lie on the ground during a countdown to take a shot and see a lens get speckled with colour. I even got a great shot of him working a different lens from the "safety" of the photographer's pit at the golden moment. I say "safety" because obviously there would be a dumb bitch that would think it's super creative to throw powder directly at his lens about two seconds before countdown reached zero. 
@chrismaider, I liker your hair colour...

It was an amazing spectacle this thing called #WeAreOne. And so could testify all the recreational drug users of Joburg that came out to play and willingly threw their powders in the air. And of course, as the day went on, the more and more drunk the festival goers became and over was the rule of the "no powder zone." Even backstage there were dumbasses throwing powder about - like they didn't get the memo that there were cameras and equipment there that were being obsessively cleaned by crew. 
I was too envious of Devin Toselli's mask. He in turn was jealous of my red lipstick. Or so he told me anyway.

The beautiful thing about this idea of colourful powder being thrown into the air is that after everyone is covered in it, no-one is recognisable and the sentiments of #WeAreOne ring true - everyone looks the same. 


photo credit: the marvelous @markstry

A festival that attracted the young and old.


Her hair just reminded me so much of Marie Antoinette times, I loved it.

I wasn't always in the safety of the media tent

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