Monday, 15 April 2013

#SAFashionWeek - S/S 2013

I think my head is still reeling from the last fashion week I had the fortune of attending but it quickly snapped to attention at the receipt of an email confirming my attendance to the Sheer Glamour Collection. I was giddy with excitement but there was plenty anxiety on the Monday after #WeAreOne hair fiasco. Especially when I discovered my hairdresser was only open from Tuesday. Eeek.

But somehow I managed to grab an appointment and show my sorry hair to a sympathetic Guinevere who magically made my problems disappear. I am now sporting the old school platinum blonde colour - as Guinevere tenderly put it; it's that hair colour you always wanted growing up. It's quite silvery and takes some getting used to but it works (and the yellow is a distant memory).
Chiano Sky radiantly red-headed in Clive Rundle

I was too excited for Thursday night's shows, the Sheer Glamour Collection was set to have a showcase from multiple designers. I was most eager for BlackCoffee, the genius that was his A/W collection at last year's SAFashionWeek was undoubted. I was most looking forward to seeing the summer spectacle. And I was certainly not disappointed - from the beautiful garments in the Glamour show to the extraordinary geometric textile extravagance in Jacques' incredible show I was mesmerised.
Black Coffee

I opted for multiple textiles myself in my outfit choice for Thursday. I found the beautiful cinderella shoes at #TheCollectiveJHB from #SamStarShoes last Sunday and I wanted to build the outfit from there. The weather has turned on us although it's still early April, winter is certainly coming. I grabbed some opaque tights and wore a rayon pastel pink with floral detail jersey to shelter me from the cold. I chose a metallic patterned mini skirt as we all know I'm a fan of mixing prints and textures, and finished with a studded denim jacket that I told my friend Pearl Thusi she might be able to have it from me next year.
me and Manthe from Vintage Crew
Sam Star cinderella shoes
Me and beautiful Pearl Thusi

Saturday night I wanted to debut my prized Paul Smith suede leather boots. Again I am styling an outfit from the bottom up. Again, opting for warmth and not blue-tinged skin colour I wore sheer stockings with a cute design and wore my old faithful cropped leather jacket. I'm a little bit obsessed with studs, spikes and any metallic embellishment at the moment so I wore my black bodycon dress with gold studs. I accessorised with my cute leopard print detail handbag and tied my hair back to complete my look. Red lip always a give-in.

Paul Smith = LOVE
me and the wonderfu Chu Suwannapha

I was looking forward to Saturday night's shows, I was incredibly excited to see the offerings of Sies! Isabelle after becoming slightly obsessed since seeing that beautiful dress coat at #TheCollectiveJHB.
Sies! Isabelle

And then there was also Joel's show to look forward to. Cara wanted to lend me her amazing Joel Jansen Van Vuuren dress to wear for the night, a exquisite blue and soft pink silk dress from his summer collection. However, as much as I would have adored to wear such a prepossessing frock I just couldn't have my legs of the same blue colour ruin the ensemble.
Joel Jansen Van Vuuren

I was blown away by Joel's collection, it is truly such a privilege to know an artist like him - I can't wait for you to see his amazing work. And I can't wait for summer to wear it.
Suzaan Heyns


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