Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Imprint - the genius of #BlackCoffee S/S 2013

Patience is a virtue and during #SAFashionWeek if you have such virtue it can pay off with front row seats. And front row seats to the one and only #BlackCoffee. Last year My breath was taken away by the elegant winter collection of floor length skirts and customized shoes. With the intriguing brochure as an intro to the show, we learnt that this season's design was around the idea of IMPRINT.

Jacques' summer collection is that of which I love most - sheer and textiles. Inspired by geometry, the colour leather textures represented triangles, squares and straight lines.

the intricate detailing drives me wild

The spectacle opened with haunting music and the vintage crew throwing pale yellow rose petals on the slick (read slippery) reflective black runway giving @markstry to capture amazing stills of the artwork that proceeded.
Genuis Man

Jacques also has this unique ability to choose the most beautiful models to wear his creations - not a single one without a striking feature, flawless skin and killer lips. The elegance in which they carried the interesting head pieces - created in collaboration with Candice Wyatt from Wyatt Hairdressing and Barbering - was astounding. Not every model can pull of such a raw look, the entire package of the impeccable clothing, model and hair certainly imprinted on me. 

Cant describe the love I have for this garment. Wow.


photo credit: @markstry

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