Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Fairytale Collection - Joel Janse Van Vuuren

Firstly I must gush how I have had the honour to drink tequila with this designer. I remember attending my first #SAFashionWeek last year and being blown away by the young designers' collections that Joel Janse Van Vuuren happened to be a part of. Who was to think that not even a few months later I would be introduced to the man through dearest Cara? Well, if you know Cara that shouldn't actually surprise you, my gorgeous girlfriend knows err'body.
may I present to you Joel Janse Van Vuuren
But back to the lecture at hand. I was delighted to discover that Joel would be presenting his spring summer 2013 collection at this #SAFashionWeek and I was set to wear one of his marvellous dresses from his previous range but unfortunately for me the weather was not favourable for that beautiful summer frock.

So with much anticipation, I scrambled tickets to the sold out show, which to go off on a bit of a tangent was quite a mess up -- Cara had front row seats and when we walked into the marquee the ushers told us we could sit anywhere. Oh surprise surprise how the front row had been filled out already. And not by those immaculately dressed may I add. So we flitted about trying to find some seats that could actually offer us a decent view - I don't understand the point of sitting behind the front row, you'd be lucky to catch a glimpse of the models' heads at a chance. So we opted for the back row to give us a somewhat elevated angle of the runway - which may I add was not itself elevated by floor-level, bizarre much?

Anyhow, that was a lengthy tangent, let's get back to the fairytale story that was Joel Janse Van Vuuren's collection of hand dyed silk dresses. #Dies. Opening with a Cinderella number that was perfectly formed to his choice of model I was immediately taken to a far prettier place than the seat I was given. 

Mesmerised I couldn't take my eyes off the simplicity yet intricate detail of the dresses as they flowed effortlessly down the glossy runway. The delicate colours that he had chosen for his designs were amazing, I couldn't believe that one could make such near-perfect lines with dye and by hand, it was all just incredible and mind-boggling for me. 
this was hand dyed!

And then came the finale, oh the finale! The exquisite creature that entered the runway literally caused silence in the marquee. Breathless people strained to get a better look at what was the most spectacular ensemble that night. The killer head piece that enthralled us all in combination with the magnificent dress with remarkable beading that ended in sheer mesh - well all I can say to that is #Dies.

It is a privilege to know you Joel, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


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