Monday, 4 March 2013

The Collective 3.0 #TheCollectiveJHB

 This Sunday I decided to debut my new haircut to the fashion industry at #TheCollectiveJHB. I heard about this amazing market when I realised that I had some other obligation on the day it was the second edition since its launch in December. #TheCollectiveJHB is a sweet little spot to indulge in some rather beautiful and delicate things, from dainty necklaces from Scarlet to the exquisite precious stones on double gold plated rings at Black Betty to truly and heartfully local, Red Oker genuine leather luggage and accessories there was something for everyone. Even @markstry after reportedly tweeting that he hopes there'll be 'stuff for men' didn't come home empty-handed. 

behold the new length of my platinum blonde tresses!

But to attend such an event that has magical, expressive essence to it one must select the right formal wear for the affair. Being a morning journey for me and @markstry - I can't handle not being able to find parking so we go as things start - it needed something that I would deem fit to present oneself to a fashionable event as this one as well as continue to have a sunny Sunday lunch with friends. 

Thanks @bestylish!
I recently acquired a studded bra from The Lot and I had been dying to wear it but @markstry won't let me wear it as a top. After some consideration I agreed with him, that it was very much a booby-full bra so it would need to be worn underneath something. I drew inspiration from a photo I saw on instagram of a very gentle and romantic outfit with a similar bra peeking from the pretty white top and boom my outfit was born.
Skirt by Lerato Moloi
I have this lovely crochet jersey top that is of a pastel pink that I love pairing with my yellow pastel denim skirt.  I love the whole idea of seeing this rather gentle, flowy and girly outfit and upon closer inspection finding the studded brassier grabbing one's attention. It's so fun and so me. 

I have been searching for a good pair of platform shoes for a while and these cute little pumps found their way into my hands a few weeks back. I love that they have a sort of sailor and boat vibe with the diagonal navy and white woven stripes and the platform gives them a really wonderful edge. 

And I'm sure when my Schmommy sees my handbag she might have a wee bit of an issue - I'm sorry Schmommy, I'm only temporarily borrowing it until it's no longer trendy to use rucksacks as handbags. But I am totally open to the idea of you buying me one if you want this one back ;) On Saturday at the Neighborgoods Market I felt like I was really channelling my mother, other than the high heels and the cute CLOCHE hat, it was really something she would have worn in the 90s, the short platinum blonde hair, the clubmaster RayBans, the denim shirt and the Hedgren rucksack - very much my Schmommy.

But I digress, back to #TheCollectiveJHB. It was cool to see some past favourites of mine such as Pichulik, Chapel and Red Oker but also to find some new ones as well. Like Strictly KP who tries to attend as many markets as possible to sell young designers' beautiful garments and saving all the profits in hope of opening their own shop to sell their gorgeous clothes. Amongst my favourites were Lerato Moloi and Sies!Isabelle. I am a huge fan of dress coats and this one is so elegant and the craftsmanship is refined.


Another interesting stall was that of The Makery whose most predominant pieces are Japanese silk beaded heart strings. I love meeting with the designers, it's just always so inspiring to chat with people about their craft and see their passion, I was so fortunate to meet the two ladies behind the lovely jewellery on display. 
The Makery's Japanese silk beaded heart strings

As I mentioned earlier, I got my CLOCHE cap from the Neighborgoods Market on the Saturday. My friend Chanelle Vlok is the designer and she too was selling at this special fashion market. Her hats are incredible, completely hand made and from a most beautiful material that she found. There is quite a wide range of summer hats, next time you're at #Neighborgoods be sure to try one or two on, they really are spectacular. I am too excited for her winter range, have totally decided I'm a hat person. 

Not leaving emptied-handed, I finally FINALLY found my galaxy leggings that I've been searching for high and low for more than half a year. Sometimes it's very frustrating to live in South Africa because it takes forever for things to catch up - remember my story with the heel-less wedges? Yeah, finally Steve Madden in Sandton is selling them. And there's only 2 pairs to choose from. I did find a pair of galaxy leggings at The Street in Greenside but they were those kind that once they stretch over your leg they look almost see-through and for R400 I was not convinced. So imagine my delight at finding these beautiful ones (that don't become transparent) at a quarter of the price? Done deal #bitches.

@markstry convinced me to buy this ceramic skull, and although I don't usually take much convincing at first I was thrown by his request. As you can surely understand, I'm surrounded by all things soft and fabric-y to find myself at a ceramic stall was unexpected territory. But I am sooooo happy that he brought me there because how perfect does it look on our blue wall? #LOVELOVELOVE

And lastly, @markstry has been looking for a new wallet for ages. I mean ages. He's been keeping the same Mont Blanc one for as long as we've been dating and probably then some. And not for the lack of effort in looking he hasn't been able to locate one that he likes. And then stepped in Red Oker. And it could be that their story is such a good one, that they use the local materials available to them, empower those that would not ordinarily get jobs, he was sold despite their logo looking suspiciously like that of Sun International. And for a real bargain price with the genuine leather and excellent workmanship. Well done Red Oker, thank you for ending our relentless search.

Hope ya'll have a happy Monday, I'm still wishing I was having a little lie-in.


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