Wednesday, 13 March 2013

#MBFWJ - Night One.Part One

Thursday was the first night of the incredible weekend of fashion that followed, so after preparing some temporary business cards and slicking my hair back into a low ponytail (with an amazing gold hairpiece I got from Me.Co) I arrived super early and extremely eager.

Encouraged further by two very sweet interns who gushed at my outfit, I was determined to make myself noticed at my very first AFI Fashion Week. At about 16h30 I was snapped by the event's street style photographer and I was continuously completed on my shoe choice and graphic print sheer blouse.

Eventually the time was nigh and the amazing Kesh planted a photographer's pass in my hands and I was in. Guided by the fashion photographer Waldo Pretorius, I was led to the magical world of backstage of the runway. I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory ,although possibly a little bit more familiar than Charlie was with that factory, but still it was holy-shit-balls exciting to be there.

I met the marvellous head of make up Michelle, a crazy beautiful woman who works in platform high shoes with a cheery smile on her face despite any surrounding chaos.

I was fortunate to have chatted to the cute interns out front whilst waiting for my pass because they were working with the designers Lauren and Bailey of Avant.Apparel and they showed me the delicate garments that were going to hit the runway in a matter of hours. It was a breathtaking experience, not knowing what to photograph first I was slightly overwhelmed by it all. What was most interesting about all of this was having had a look at the clothes on the hanger and knowing what was coming before I watched the show, but still being blown away when every model came on stage. 

Khosi Nkosi

I got to meet models, designers, make up artists, fellow photographers and bloggers and had an all round blast. Being in the film industry, I have to compare the backstage and the front row to being on set. Whilst it is work, it's crazy fun work.

But let's chat about the clothes now...

Khosi Nkosi's designer made a runway appearance longer than any other designer at Fashion Week, taking a long stroll and pose to the end of the runway. 
Khosi Nkosi
 Whilst there were some pretty boring shoe choices among the collections, Khosi Nkosi was certainly not one of them. Plenty of her outfits were accompanied by heel-less wedges ranging from Mary Janes to boots and I was in love. 
Khosi Nkosi

Would kill for these shoes. #justsaying

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