Friday, 8 February 2013

#LOVELOVELOVE Kanye Motherf**kin' West

Let me begin by saying that Kanye West is the illest man on the planet and that my mind is blown. The man is an artist and what an absolute fortune (ha!) it was to have witnessed his art live, in the flesh. And diamonds. But more on that later. Oh, and prepare yourself for a rather long read....

It was completely baffling that the live event organizers in South Africa would put Red Hot Chili Peppers the same night as the incredible Mr West but the choice was simple. For @markstry's birthday I wanted to surprise him with tickets to see his favourite artist in the whole wide world. Unfortunately that went out the window when the tickets were released and I had to double check which he would rather see having had friends already purchase RHCP tickets for us.

I had several alarms set for 09:00 so that I could make sure I was on time to buy the golden tickets. And gold they were worth, a whopping R1000 each for golden circle. But it was his birthday and golden circle is really the only way to watch a concert. Also, by comparison his shows in New York go for $92 so it's all pretty relative. Impressively, if I may say so myself, I was quick on the draw and snatched two tickets before the half hour was up and the concert was sold out. Too proud of myself I was and I wondered where the surprise venue would be "The Biggest Igloo" was all that was mentioned on the tickets. And it was an #AllWhite dress code.

Cringe. I never wear white for the fear of making appear more ballooned than my physical appearance. Having been to Marie Clare's AllWhite party last year I thought it may be best to have some options prepared for further events that called for this hideous dress code. I say hideous because you can only imagine what some people consider an AllWhite outfit - gosh friends, please don't mix cream with white. It's just nasty and should never be worn in public. Hmmmm, I think my Kulula rage is still on my musings.

I found a beautiful Alfred Khumalo cotton shift dress that was a possible option. Cotton is the way forward when the heat is so unbearable, it doesn't cling and smell funny when one perspires. Next I found the strapless cotton top that I wore to parkacoustics as well as another more loose fitting sheer back top from Cotton On. Watch out for those Cotton On sales, the amazing finds you can get for R40, well that's enough to convince you right?

But nothing prepared me for the magnificent dress that I found to wear on the day of the concert. A figure hugging, cutaway number hiding at the newer offering in Sandton, TopShop. Kaching! It was the one. And channelling KimK (I allowed it on the account of Mr West, although I may be in serial denial of my appreciation of Miss K) I slicked my hair back into a high bun, leopard print drop earrings and a red lip I was just about ready. 

Shoes are such a difficult part to pair with an outfit as glamorous as this dress especially when the need to be practical has to outweigh the fabulousness. Even at Lady Gaga, I cheated with the heel-less wedges by sneakily stashing a pair of pumps in my handbag. And goodness,that was absolutely necessary. So I opted for my rosé gold thong sandals which turned to be as poor a choice as any heels. The flatness of the sandals caused my feet to ache before Yeezy had even begun. We live and we learn.

I accessorised with silver earrings, ring and watch. I have a silver Casio, when I purchased the gold one I couldn't resist the silver too because as we know I need a choice. More often than not I wear gold but for those outfits that silver goes better I wanted to have an equally retro watch. What's fantastic about it is that both are very different watches and each with their own special charm. The silver looks great with my complexion. 

I found this most amazing little sequined and beaded handbag. It's absolutely tiny and it was a mission to fit my essentials into it; lipstick, compact mirror, credit card, cash, chewing gum and car key but somehow I managed. It has the wonderful fringe detail which I love so much. As you'll get to learn, I have a minor obsession with anything with fringe.

But I'm sure you want to hear a little more about the main man Kanye. There was an incredible delay and there was a whole lot wrong with the organisation of the event but seeing how I've already written a small novel and I've had my rant for the week, I will focus on the amazingness that was Kanye West. Besides, anyone will tell you that I am completely obsessed and in love with what I witnessed. 

The entire stage had to be built after all the opening and supporting acts had finished but Kanye was totally worth the wait. As this incredible projection of Antartica enveloped the entire stage, an AllWhite Kanye appeared on the stage. And he just had to stand there and we were in absolute awe. 

And as he began to continuously amaze us I realized that my entire relationship with @markstry had Kanye West as its soundtrack. As he started the song that I have only ever heard in my own space with a magnificent mask that was part eagle, part dragon, snow fell and I could have sworn to you that the view became fuzzy like heels really in a blizzard. And then he launched into heartless. Oh. My. Gawd. 

I had read in an article last year that he had worn the 2 million dollar diamond mask for a show in Atlantic City but when he came out to perform Runaway wearing it I promise I shed a tear. It was beautiful. I can't decide which of the songs I liked best but this set was truly something special. For a hip hop artist to make a concert romantic takes impressive talent, especially when finishing with the line "Assholes deserve to be lonely." Chills people, chills.

Although my back was paining (let's not even remember how my feet felt) after dancing to hip hop for 6 straight hours, I didn't want it to end. And as it went dark and he left the stage, moments that felt like hours of staring hopefully at his slick titling, Kanye rocked out and ended it all with Gold Digger. Well friends, our weekend was the best cuz we rocked with the Best, Kanye Motherfuckin' West. 


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