Friday, 22 February 2013

Challenge Accepted V2.0

So @markstry went on a boys night and I made plans to see my Faazha for dinner for some father-daughter bonding. Between waiting for him, something possessed me to rearrange my wardrobe. While I wouldn't say I have OCD, I find myself having bouts of it every now and then. This was one of those times. Okay, so dresses can go on this side, then we'll work through to tops, sleeveless, little sleeves, long sleeves, skirts, pants and what do you know I've run out of space for jackets. Sigh.

I am an addict, of this we know, or at least have a tiny inkling. Since beginning work on January 18th I have not worn the same outfit twice. And there have been some very, very hot days. Being a freelancer I always pose myself the challenge of wearing a different outfit every day but those are usually three week stints. It has been quite some time now at the same workplace that every day my colleagues have begun audibly noticing that they haven't seen me wear the same thing twice. I do take some pride in that, although it is becoming increasingly difficult to mask my addiction to clothes with that kind of notice...

I digress. My finances are not allowing me to sustain my addiction, which I suppose could be a good thing as I am already out of cupboard space (thank gawd for the spare bedroom) and really shouldn't be spending what little money I do have on more clothing. So whilst rummaging through my wardrobe I got to thinking of a new and exciting challenge for myself. It's not enough to not buy any more clothes, I mean after 3 consecutive weeks of that kind of behavior it becomes like second nature to not have the urge to splurge. Instead, this time I've chosen items that currently reside in my magical wardrobe that are too wonderful to give away but also I have not worn in too long a while. The challenge is to wear these items in the upcoming month.

And then this is where you come in and help me...Assist me in the yay or nay form, is it a winner or is it time to say goodbye. I'm offering you,before the wonderful charity shops that will gladly take these goodies in, the chance to win the said item. Even if it looks great on (and we know I want to keep everything anyway) I am willing to be convinced through heart aching, magical stories as to why you should have said clothing.

And at the end of the month, who knows, perhaps I'll reward myself with a shopping spree at TopShop.

Gosh friends, oh the thinks you can think and the fun we will have at the next #WardrobeSale. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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