Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sundays are for Acoustics in the Park

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I had the good fortune of attending the first ever Park Acoustics gig of 2013 on Sunday and what an amazing event! Even though we got off to a bit of a late start, and one should try and be seated by 11h00 to get a good shady seat in front of the stage, we still had a fabulous time under the tree on the upper amphitheater surrounded by good old bush, bugs and thorns. 

I don't know how many of you have been to the Voortrekker Monument. Me and @markstry went exploring the memorial for a location for a music video we wanted to shoot and did a bit of a test shoot. I don't get embarrassed, so naturally for the test shoot we used me walking up and down various places at the monument with a giant blue box on my head. Sigh. The things I do for the love of the art. However, the point I'm trying to make is that the Voortrekker Monument is something incredible, the view from the top is breathtaking. Especially so when you think back to a time where there was no Pretoria, was no Johannesburg and was just this endless rolling African landscape. Amazing. Amazing amazing amazing. 

And this is where they have this fantastic event @parkacoustics, this beautiful historical place where so many people from different walks of life come to enjoy a day in the sunshine with fabulous music. We had @Shortstrawband and @TidalWavesTunes ease us into a very pleasant Sunday afternoon. It really felt like a day trip, we took the Gautrain to Centurion and had a friend collect us to take us through to the concert. Centurion's station looks so much like an airport that the experience was like we had flown to another city - the one that came to mind was Durban. 

It was menacingly hot, and personally I find that hot weather makes it even more difficult to decide what to wear. For instance, for the fear of over-heating I can't wear all my pretty sheer tops. No-one wants to see sweaty half-nakedness unless they're the ones doing something about it. So I decided on a strapless white cotton top with my cute pink shorts and some thong sandals. 

Now, ordinarily I would find this outfit dreadfully boring. I'm trying to wear a lot more white these days in preparation for Kanye West's "All White" party. Although I love how it makes the tan pop, the stress of messing - and particularily my lipstick - it becomes very hard to feel confident in the decision to wear it. But back to the outfit at hand, it dawned on me that now I could go mad with accessorising. I'm mad for colour and print and anything loud so these shorts and top became a canvas. 

I have these amazing bracelets that a dear friend, Alessandra, made two years back. They are these exquisite material ones that can function in many different ways. You can take a look at their beautiful accessories here solaafrica.sa I used one as a headband to give my braid an even more boho look, the pink and green went so well with my hot pink lip and multi-stone earrings. Next I decided on a statement necklace, and this one my mom picked out for me from her friend's store in Hvar, Croatia. I don't get much opportunity to wear it because it is a very dramatic piece with lots of colour so I was only esctatic to be able to adorn it around my neck!

I wanted to continue the bohemian vibe so I wrapped another bracelet around my wrist and combined some of my most natural bead bracelets as well as that gold spiked one I wore to Lindo's wedding. That one can be a bit of a pain, literally, those spikes don't mess around when they poke they insist. I really love turquoise, it reminds me of my mother's eyes - not that they're turquoise but they're this wonderful mystical colour that pop when she wears most shades of blue. And of course, my little gold Casio, old faithful with the red leather envelope clutch.

Hope to see you at your Sunday best at the next @Parkacoustics :)


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