Thursday, 10 January 2013

Rose Gold and Peplum, Leather, Onyx and Silver, these are a few of my favorite things...

I really loved Mila Kunis in the all black leather peplum dress for Dior, I find it wonderfully feminine and classy with just that hint of sexy through it's figure hugging form.

So with that inspiration in mind, this was one of those tops that I couldn't shake when I saw it. I dreamt about it, I stole sneaky glances, I imagined scenarios similar to that of Dior's where I could wear it. I have a simple rule, if you can't live without it, then it's meant to be yours. And so I marched with purpose to purchase, destiny was on my side with the second last one (!) being the perfect size and fit.

A close friend from college got married in September last year and with that the perfect opportunity to wear my Dior dream. She knows that I'm the kind of girl to wear that kinda outfit, and just because it's a wedding does not mean one can look frumpy and unstylish.

Before I found the amazing bodycon mini skirt that I chose to wear, I was considering a black velvet mini. I love the clashing the print titans and I was pondering a similar clashes of textures until I found that leather skirt. It's a similar principal to that of my beautiful leather jacket that has a stretchy-ish cloth material on the arms. I find that by having this it's a lot more forgiving on not only your shape and size but on the duration that you can wear leather without sticking to it like that stubborn food that won't get off your girdle pan.

I found the shoes before the skirt so with that the outfit was complete. I love Mary Jane heels, I have broad feet and these puppies make them look elongated. The platform helps in the area of height whilst making them easier to walk in and wear for longer. The fact that they are Rose Gold metallic, well now that's how meticulous this outfit is!

I don't own any rose gold jewelry. Yet. But I found that to accessories with rosé gold would be OTT so opted for silver and onyx. I have this incredible silver and onyx bracelet that I received for my birthday that was the ticket alongside the silver spike drop earrings.

This is not an outfit to only be worn once friends, I have since worn the peplum top to a Lady Gaga concert but opting for snakeskin print accents and heel-less wedges (more on those later) and there is never a reason to not look glam in the evening time. Like ever. Don't ever let your SO tell you that you look too glam, you ARE glam and that outfit should epitomise that.


photo credit: @markstry
make up: @_alexawilson_

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