Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Life is short. Buy the shoes.

I've started this sentence at least 5 times I'm still not sure how to adequately introduce you to what is my favourite outfit (oh hell, they're all my favourite, I'm sure we've been able to gauge this)

I'm in love with Colour, I have been since I was a teeny person. But one winter I opened my cupboard and almost collapsed from the lack of Colour in the neat (may be slight exaggeration on neat) row of monochrome cardigans, coats and dresses. I was so scared that I didn't buy anything black for a very long time. I never thought I would be a person to accumulate so much grey in one time. Not that there's anything wrong with grey, it's a more favorable neutral when pairing Colour.

So being the self-proclaimed Queen of Colour (Presents in the Post, I coined it from the option I chose for my surprise gift) I have a particular fancy for emerald green. Style knows no fear, but I was cautious of green with this super blonde hair. How daft, emerald and gold are only a timeless classic!

Imagine my delight when I remembered that little fact, and I immediately begun hunting through my wardrobe to find suitable garments that coordinated with my beautiful emerald green satin top. Personally I think a high-waist skirt is definitely part of a "basics" collection, an old faithful that can swing from casual to classy in a matter of moments. There are so many benefits to high-waist skirts, the best being that it accentuates a tiny waist and makes your ass look great - tell me that that is not what you want from your basics? Mine is this fantastic metallic textured number from Forever21 that I first showed you with that magnificent sheer top

Whenever I have worn this outfit I have received gushing compliments for which I attest that one does not need blusher. For those cooler days, I add my amazing leather jacket and we're ready to rock. I like to accessorise with gold and lots of it, gold earrings, gold necklace, gold watch, gold gold gold. Because I love it, and because it's quintessential.

And then of course for the main event, my glorious shoes. They are a feat of wonder. I searched high and low in Joburg to find heel-less wedges and being extraordinarily unsuccessful. It's so typical, whenever I want something I search for ages until I find it and then 2 weeks laters it's on the shelves at Mr Price. #IrritationStationDeluxe. But I digress, I was unable to find anything in an affordable price range, there were 2x el cheopo (yucky) options at YDE that were so boring and expensive (R800!) and then there were the exquisite, soft, amazing ones at a Castelo Shoes in Sandton - but these pretty babies start at R1800. SMH. 

And then it came to me. My superstar friend @Retini has a friend with the business of selling super duper shoes - Lullabelle Boutique. And sure enough, there are heel-less wedges galore, cutouts, metallica, spikes oh the spectacular! Less than 2 weeks later my dazzling shoes arrived! These shoes should come with a warning label and not just for "walk with caution." They are attention grabbers like ladies with fake chests. Be prepared to have people staring at your feet through entire conversations. Or little girls running after you to take photos of said shoes at Lady Gaga concerts (yes, I did that, I wore heel-less shoes to a concert). Oh, and don't lean back.


photo credit: @markstry
make up: _@_alexawilson_

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