Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Floral Crop Tops and Mini Skirts

I'm still looking for the strapless white corset top that I desperately need to add to the "basics" collection as I have plenty of outfits for it to be paired with. I hate shopping with having something so specific in mind because it would seem that even I, the expert shopper, am destined to not find what I'm looking for. I prefer the casual shopping, where beautiful clothes magically find their way into my eagle-eye vision and soft gentle hands.

As was the case when I found this amazing floral crop top. I discovered that it's quite difficult to find a corset that fits well over the boobies. You don't want it to flatten your chest and nor do you want to be spilling out of it. And you definitely do not want it fitting in that awkward way that makes your boobs look like they're in the wrong place.

I love the zipper detail and the good quality denim cotton that makes the top so fabulous. It has these great adjustable straps so that you can make it fit in the right places. I adore the floral print on the cotton, the combination of the red and blue hits the mark for sexy and fun.

I paired the outfit with a red mini skirt pulled above the belly button so as to not reveal too much flesh. I have another similar outfit with a green Jo Borkett skirt :) This look has all the right elements of fun, sexy and summer!

sexy #bitches Angela, me and @Paulke @ Santa Maria, Machangulo Mozambique
Said similar outfit. Outside a small shop in Machangulo

I accessorised with gold being inspired by the gold zipper. I love my gold retro Casio so much, I could wear it everyday although I would like it to remain gold for longer so I shall try contain myself. These earrings I bought for Lindo's wedding, I love their shape and the colour of the somewhat brassy gold. I wore my favourite apple diamante ring and of course matching nail and lip reds. I opted for the blue trim sandals which contrast so well with the luminous orange nail paint.

I'd like to introduce you to my super cute, leather envelope clutch. I saw it in the shop window at Poetry in Hyde Park and I immediately walked right in and grabbed it out of the mannequin's hand. As I said, I like the casual shopping where all the beautiful things find their way into my direct eye-line and more often than not are the last one left and in my size. And then what's a girl to think other than it's fate?


photo credit: @markstry
make up: @_alexawilson_

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