Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Presents in the Post...

So a little while back I saw a friend of mine's status asking for support for her friend's business idea, Presents in the Post. I love presents and with my sweet obssession with everything old and retro, I love post! When I was in Cape Town earlier this year for work, I found the cutest wooden postcard which I sent to @markstry via snail mail. To top the experience off, I sent it from the Constantia Village post office which is all cute and old school itself. So when I saw this link, curiosity led the cat to the milk tray. 

After sharing the link on facebook, my friend @_alexawilson_ also took advantage of the lovely idea and then the wait began. The idea of the business is that of a surprise present service and by signing up and paying a small fee you get sent gifts made by South African designers. You can choose if you wish to receive more than one gift, you can send a gift to yourself or to a friend. When I was selecting a gift (for myself ha!) I was torn between the options, as you well know I'm a fan of bohemian, classic and colour so what's a girl to do? Go for the option that calls her a Queen of course - so the colour one it was! 

Just last week me and @_alexawilson_ were having a cuppa and some gluten free baked chocolate cheese cake (made by yours truly but perhaps that's a story for another time...) whilst merrily wondering when our presents would be arriving in the post. Happy days when I received an email saying that a trackable item has arrived for me at my post box. It took every ounce of strength I had to not rip open the package then and there so I could see what lovely gift that had sent me as the Queen of Colour.

And I was not disappointed, not even a little bit! A couple weeks back @markstry was doing a shoot for Mememe and I was only too happy to help out (me miss out on a chance to see the clothes before they hit retail?). One of the many accessories was a knotted rope necklace which funnily enough (and annoying for a few) can be found at Mr Price. Needless to say, this is not the gift I received, mine is even better, what can I say, they got me at "intended for courageous women with a lust for the exotic." 

I couldn't have described myself better so well done Raj and of course well done Pichulik; I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new necklace, I love the colours, I love the textures, it's a perfect summer accessory. It may seem strange to say thank you for something that I paid for but I just can't express my excitement over this little business in any other appropriate manner than gratitude. It's hard to make yourself feel good everyday, but Raj, this certainly helped!


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leather Up

Remember how I've been trying to find the perfect (and affordable) leather jacket? Well I found it! One of the most amazing people I know Izzy De Vasconcelos had one of her amazing vintage sales. Izzy's an exceptional wardrobe stylist who's work around the world has granted her this fairy godmother power to find vintage designer pieces. Only problem with that is that when everything looks so good on and your budget doesn't quite stretch to fit them all in. There's still this beautiful 80's Versace dress that slips on like a glove... I was thinking of making it my wedding dress but being the over-excited me I made a faux-pas telling someone about it. Either way, some day, sometime (when is that next pay day anyway?) it shall be mine.

But all is not lost because at this sale where not only did I find my amazing jacket, I found my most amazing BALENCIAGA tuxedo trousers! High waisted with a satin detail, make my waist look like that of a schmodel's. One Saturday morning at the Neighborgoods market, I paired the sexy pants with a pastel yellow sleeveless blouse and gold metallic heels. Always with a red lip and then accompanied with my cute gold casio watch. Oh and I snapped the photo with Freddie van’Dango from Idols (or Greenside, whichever you may know him from) and his companion - a groom to be on his bachelors which can explain the hideous outfits next to my incredible one. Freddie, my sister owns that jersey. And it looks too cute on her to throw it out. 

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Balenciaga makes an appearance at Great Dane
One more, 'cuz the jacket deserves it.