Tuesday, 2 October 2012

SA Fashion Week - A/W 2013

Last week Thursday me and @markstry had the privilege of attending a few fashion shows for the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections of South Africa's hottest designers and oh what fun we had. There is nothing more breath-taking and no words to really describe the feeling of watching works of art move on a runway. 

Also, it's too much fun to see how the attendees play with fashion, who is daring enough to try out the trends. I need to get me some of those shoes although I fear walking in them. I remember when Victoria Beckham first wore them and how so many ridiculed her for it and now it's the hottest thing on the block and I can say that I am SOLD.

We were privy to collections by the youngest, hottest new design talent South Africa has to offer, and the winner Zanozuko Sithetho of Skorzch had me wishing that I was a man so that I too could look as slick and flashy class as the models parading his amazing suits. He is a truly remarkable designer that deserved the win in every which way - the man taught himself to sew and everything (bar the shoes) he made himself. His collection was, simply put, flawless.


Dion Chang




Maxi Low Dress - Love it Charne Venter



Love this trend of stripes and floral, big ups to trying it out!

before I lost my earring...

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