Monday, 1 October 2012

Roadtrippin' to the Eastern Cape

Me and @markstry were pleased as punch to be invited to our friend Lindo's wedding in uMthatha in the Eastern Cape - especially it being a traditional Xhosa wedding (we've got that culture craving!) Of course when we looked at the price of airline tickets it almost, just almost dashed my dreams of wearing a traditional outfit... But then, after sending in the Mini for a full service, it felt right to give it one last roadtrip -- and the dress was back on #happyface.

So armed with 2 packs of instax film, we left rather tardily on the Saturday morning, arriving exhausted after a 10 hour journey to a very dark and misty(!!) uMthatha. After checking in to our tiny B&B room, we realised that yes, we should have taken the Nespresso machine. Sigh.

Here are a couple of snaps that I took along the way to uMthatha as well as some fantastic shots I managed to get at the wedding with of course photographic evidence of said traditional dress. I found a fantastic dressmaker who made me this killer outfit. I found the material, which is the traditional Xhosa kind, at a store called Minty's in Joburg just off Diagonal Street in town. I really love the colour red (yes it may seem that I love a lot of colours, but red has always been one that I rock) and the shwe shwe which I found amazing earrings from SassDiva to compliment the pattern. I stuck with nude nails with a loud, chilli red gold ring and had some lumo orange sandals to complete the look with a modern touch. 

What can I say except that; red lipstick always makes a girl feel beautiful.


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