Wednesday, 24 October 2012

October Weekend

I dislike (because hate is such a strong word) when I open a draft of a post and the text appears to be missing. This could also be because I never wrote anything to begin with...
This passed weekend I had so much fun dressing up for all the excursions I thought it fit to post a couple of pics that I featured in ;)

Friday night we went to the Puma Social Club in Braamfontein. @markstry told me I looked "too glam" when he saw me - which deeply irritated me. I am never dressed "too glam" that is just how I look and dress! A warning to everyone reading this, I do not take such comments lying down. I rocked a little fringe ombre dress with my all-time favourite denim jacket and some cute tan boots. I felt it was quite a boho look finished off with a vintage choker that my mom had at my age and a red lip. Everybody loves a red lip. 

Unfortunately I'm going to have to take a post-party photo of the outfit I wore on Saturday as I don't have any from the actual day but I can describe my killer outfit. I wore a mustard yellow vintage button up shirt with a puffy sleeve detail and brought on that choker for a second day in the limelight - that necklace gets more attention than anything else! I wore my denim pencil skirt - there's something about pencil skirts and my bum that just really work out - and my lacey peep toe boots. In the evening I brought out my AMAZING leather jacket - shoa that one makes me feel and look like a super rockstar - its own separate post will follow.

Sunday I brought out the big guns, wearing some mustard heels, a metallic red sheer top, sexy leather-like skirt and the jacket I've been dying to have and wear - a print bomber jacket. SO much fun, pairing with a red lip and some super leopard print earrings I found whilst on a shoot in town. Yes it seems I can work and shop simultaneously, it's a great little skill to have.

photo credit: @janinestrydom


a slightly better pic to show off the fringe dress. being super gangsters with @markstry 

here's me and another super fashionista Tamara Arden. And I'm wearing said bomber jacket. Love is this day.

here's me and my beautiful bestie @JanineStrydom

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