Friday, 19 October 2012

HOUSE OF OLE - Men's Collection A/W 2013

House of Ole was really a one of a kind collection for me. I wasn't really able to regain balanced breathing after the sheer one-sie and then they bring out the men's collection. I count myself so fortunate to have a boyfriend that is not only talented and creative but that can actually dress impressively. But other than that, my eyeballs are accustomed to womenswear. So this caught me by surprise and bowled me over. And when the tiny dynamite woman came out, I had to remind myself and @markstry after that no, she was not a model but the designer. Damn, talk about a way of ending the show with a bang!

A few of my favourites were the plaid checked shirts, the gingham trim belt, the amazing selection of men's boots and the black and white geometric shirt.

photo credit: @markstry


There's that amazing trouser detail again.. LOVE

look at that hair - LOVE!

gingham deluxe

This shirt. Wow.


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