Thursday, 18 October 2012

House of Ole - A/W 2013

This was my first encounter with House of Ole and dare I say love at first sight? I was mesmerised as a red suit jacket bounced down the runway with the most incredible striped trousers with a beautiful calf detail. And the shoes. Oh gosh the shoes. Well done House of Ole, well done. I love that the collection had so many bold reds, red pleplum jacket, red pencil skirt and the oxblood shoes. Delicious. 

Then there was the leather LBD, and there was the small factor that J-Lo seemed to be wearing it and making my heart sing. Hello! And how about the cover page? Sheer meets floral with floral being a texture, can I hear a "hell yeah" ? The attention to detail in this collection is magnificent.

This collection had so many favourites, everytime a model stepped out my heart would skip a beat, I would say that breathing became difficult. Especially when the sheer one piece came out. If you want to know what love is, House of Ole will show you. Merci beaucoup, merci!

photo credit: @markstry


I love this detail on the trousers. And too much love for these shoes!




oh the sheer

J-LO and the LBD

Can't possibly get enough...

And my heart skips a beat...


The man of the hour with too cute tiny tots.

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