Monday, 6 August 2012

The Spare Ticket Adventure Book - YOU SPEK-TAK-YOU-LAAR

Nicole Da Silva

A Saturday night @ Monte Casino never saw such glam before. Of course there were the shades of slut and the old matric dresses (eew) making appearances - but I can't focus on such negativity. I prefer to show ya'll how girls get it right. Not that making mistakes is wrong, I commend bravery and mistakes with trying out something new - but 90's matric dresses? I'm sure even hipsters wouldn't approve.

Not as much male talent as at the Marie Clare edition of #TheSpareTicketAdventureBook but I did manage to snap a quick shot of Tyrone Keogh who did after all win Sexiest Man.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt!
Feathers. Feathers. (until she faced me and then it was boobs boobs)
Love Love Love this duo :)
This jacket has such a beautiful cut. And I love the colour.
Tyrone Keogh
This dress. Drool.
my dress for the evening..
Pippa's rocking shoes..
Incidentally the launch of Lamborghini Energy drink as well
The lovely Ms @roxyburger

and her amazing nails! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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