Monday, 6 August 2012

Monsieur Price - Online Dream

As if the emails I receive everyday from Matches and ASOS weren't enough to drive me to the edge, Mr Price has now opened up online. Can you imagine? No more do we have to stand in mile-long queues to purchase those single pair of hot pink court shoes that you are so giddy to have found in your size. I can't imagine anything better than this store finally breathing life online. 

So although I can't buy anything, I can sure prepare what I would like to get in the future. Or at least share my top favourites with people that can buy them. 


1. Cute Printed T-Shirt
2. Printed Crop Top
3. Animal Print Sports Bra 4. Polka dot Pussybow Shirt 5. Metallic Shimmer Tank Top
1. Star print Pullover

 2. Glitter Envelope Clutch 3. Pastel Yellow Cardigan  4. Contrast Trim Shirt 5. Green Satchel

1. Animal Print Harem Pants
2. Animal Print Courts 3. Chiffon Hi Low Maxi Skirt 4. Floral Print Peep Toe Courts 5. Floral Print Leggings

1. Sheer Hi Low Maxi Dress
2. Suede Sling Bag3. Mint Long Length Shirt4. Floral Shirt Dress

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