Thursday, 16 August 2012

Outfit Inspiration - DVF

Found this in my inbox this morning and I had to share it. Diane Von Furstenberg, I love you -- Marc you may have something to worry about here...

How beautiful is the print? And that simple and elegant cut - especially love the clutch, I will brave the print clash someday soon!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Birthday Wishes

These are a few of my favourite things...
So, if you're anyone like my boyfriend, if you're stuck on ideas on what to get me for my birthday, here's my wishlist. Don't mind that the first page is high fashion @ 3000 pounds a piece, that's for my ex-husband Jared Leto to try win me back. I mean, what would be a wishlist if it didn't have wishful thinking? :)

So I've put together a few pages of things I really love and here's to hoping that it inspires (insert name here) to find something like it for my birthday. I've even looked @ stores that my international family can get me - I mean how much easier can I make it? My brother is in China, there are no excuses to not get me something cool and Chinese (PS. Marko don't forget the fashion mags I asked for.... 

I'm looking for a black clutch that would serve as both a daytime clutch and an evening-wear bag. Couldn't find anything I liked as much as the Stella McCartney clutch -- there's that wishful thinking hitting the list up again. Oh and don't mind that I don't have an iPad yet....


Forever 21

Topshop & Diesel

Monday, 13 August 2012


OPPIKOPPI BITCHES! Wow, what a weekend. The first rule of Oppikoppi - don't be kak! 
And our catch phrases: "Drrrty!" "Sexy" "Aasshole"
I don't want to go in to too much detail, after all what happens @ Oppi stays @ Oppi. But here's some snaps from my polaroid camera #happyface

 and me hee hee Czarica_Ksenija

Oh and I wore something different every day. So you know ;)


Our neighbors LOVED tequisha even more than we do...

Yes it's a bit of a fail, but you can kinda make out the stage :P

Here's me being a bit of a stalker...

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Spare Ticket Adventure Book - YOU SPEK-TAK-YOU-LAAR

Nicole Da Silva

A Saturday night @ Monte Casino never saw such glam before. Of course there were the shades of slut and the old matric dresses (eew) making appearances - but I can't focus on such negativity. I prefer to show ya'll how girls get it right. Not that making mistakes is wrong, I commend bravery and mistakes with trying out something new - but 90's matric dresses? I'm sure even hipsters wouldn't approve.

Not as much male talent as at the Marie Clare edition of #TheSpareTicketAdventureBook but I did manage to snap a quick shot of Tyrone Keogh who did after all win Sexiest Man.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt!
Feathers. Feathers. (until she faced me and then it was boobs boobs)
Love Love Love this duo :)
This jacket has such a beautiful cut. And I love the colour.
Tyrone Keogh
This dress. Drool.
my dress for the evening..
Pippa's rocking shoes..
Incidentally the launch of Lamborghini Energy drink as well
The lovely Ms @roxyburger

and her amazing nails! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Monsieur Price - Online Dream

As if the emails I receive everyday from Matches and ASOS weren't enough to drive me to the edge, Mr Price has now opened up online. Can you imagine? No more do we have to stand in mile-long queues to purchase those single pair of hot pink court shoes that you are so giddy to have found in your size. I can't imagine anything better than this store finally breathing life online. 

So although I can't buy anything, I can sure prepare what I would like to get in the future. Or at least share my top favourites with people that can buy them. 


1. Cute Printed T-Shirt
2. Printed Crop Top
3. Animal Print Sports Bra 4. Polka dot Pussybow Shirt 5. Metallic Shimmer Tank Top
1. Star print Pullover

 2. Glitter Envelope Clutch 3. Pastel Yellow Cardigan  4. Contrast Trim Shirt 5. Green Satchel

1. Animal Print Harem Pants
2. Animal Print Courts 3. Chiffon Hi Low Maxi Skirt 4. Floral Print Peep Toe Courts 5. Floral Print Leggings

1. Sheer Hi Low Maxi Dress
2. Suede Sling Bag3. Mint Long Length Shirt4. Floral Shirt Dress

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

29 July - Day Fourteen

This little skirt is from NYC with love from my schmommy. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a mother with amazing style and taste - and the fact that she knows me too well to know exactly what I would love to have. Sometimes she knows my taste better than I do.

These little burgundy ankle boots I picked up at a @WOOLWORTHS_SA's quality sale last year - they're really great with a wider fit so as to accommodate my broad foot and still look pleasant! The necklace I got from my sister for Christmas - I accessorised with gold bijouterie.

I wanted to show ya'll the coat that more often than not covers my outfits. I have several coats, which time will come to show you but if there's a word of advice I can give it would be to not be afraid of spending that small fortune on a good coat that you will wear to death. I saw this one and I knew it was the one, I love the hood that lies elegantly over the shoulders and then has a bit of a Jackie-O quality when used as a hood - LOVE LOVE LOVE

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