Tuesday, 31 July 2012

27 July - Day Twelve

This mango dress I got at an absolute steal, viscose (it's such a wonderful material) and has long sleeves so it's really a perfect winter LBD. It fits in all the right places and has a cool detail on the trim. I love pairing it with the striped stockings and my fab denim jacket. Vertical stripes keep us thin ladies - especially for us short ones! The burgundy boots give a spot of colour but keep the look relatively simple. I kept the accessories to a minimum with my signature pearls and some black wayfarers. Still loving the pastel yellow nails and a silly R5 ring from china town - I love how it has a little Egyptian vibe with the gold and blue.

photo credit:  @markstry
location credit: Kimberely Bull painted this gate :)


Monday, 30 July 2012

25 July - Day Ten

This top is one of the reasons this challenge started in the first place. I really can't put into words how much I love sheer, and to make a blouse that is both sheer and animal print just makes my heart skip a beat. I got this as a super steal from Jo Borkett - more than 70% off. Tell me how is a girl supposed to resist?

The necklace is one of my own little creations and I'm just in love with pastel yellow nail colour - gives that extra pop to the outfit.

photo credit: @markstry

Monday, 23 July 2012

19 July - Day Four

For Christmas in July, I decided to sport my super beautiful new Jo Borkett jacket. I decided to keep the the outfit simple, black skirt with black pantyhose and a grey long sleeved top underneath the jacket. These grey boots I picked up last year at a woolies quality sale - the best sale to pick up "basic" clothes that outlast seasonal trends :)

I decided to keep warm for the evening with a little grey hat and some tangerine red lipstick to give a pop of colour. 


Photo credit:  @markstry

Thursday, 19 July 2012

18 July - Day Three

This has got to be one of my most favourite outfits. The jersey is one that I stole from my mom, her sister made it for her 20 years ago. It is absolutely beautiful, with leather bits that hang off from it. Paired with a long sleeved black spencer underneath and my amazeballs skinny jeans - diesel makes my bum look great - with my favourite new skinny belt and suede boots. I accessorised with some brass-colour bracelets and my Malawi-Wowee-Seed necklace. Can I say LOVE LOVE LOVE even if it is me in the photos?

Photo credit: @markstry 


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

17 July - Day Two

Yesterday I got to wear my new denim jacket, paired with awesome fitted trousers and my favourite boots. I wore a metallica shiny red top underneath, although the cold front is not exactly allowing us to show much of what we wear underneath jackets...

Thank you to @markstry for his wonderful photographs


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

16 July - Day One

Here's some much prettier photographs of my outfit yesterday, thanks to my wonderful @markstry 


please excuse my nail polish #palmface

Monday, 16 July 2012


Yesterday, @markstry left me his credit card to buy his Ben Sherman jacket  - which was @ 40% off.

And I, surprise suprise, couldn't resist the sales myself. Despite being so strict on myself the previous week, I dived into Jo Borkett and ohmgee, a Chanel-inspired boxy jacket in the most beautiful blue colour. For R290. I just couldn't help it. It was just too amaze-balls a jacket to pass up that amazing price as well! 

But then this morning, @markstry says to me that there's not enough days in the week for me to wear all my clothes, why am I buying more, blah blah. Well, challenge accepted! 

This is my pact with myself that I will not buy any more clothes for 3 months. And this is an extremely difficult task considering it's my birthday in a month and the Loeries in September and theses occassions call for clothes. But it wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't challenging right? 

And to show him how there are more than enough days in 3 months to wear all my clothes, I will wear a different outfit every day. And photograph them. 

So challenge accepted. Wish me luck. I won't object to clothes as presents. 


16 July: Purple wool dress top with shoulder detail, black velvet skirt, grey tights, black peep-toe lace boots
Accessories: Silk scarf, pearl necklace, pearl bracelet

8. Blushing Beauty

Salvatore Ferragamo



7. Gingham and Olympic Aspirtations


Diane Von Furstenberg

Alexander Wang

Sport look pants with a crisp shirt paired with toe-cap heels.

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang