Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Tangerine Dream...

So I didn't want to ever be the schmodel for the blog... Right, yes those who know me would know that statement is a complete farce. But truly, I just couldn't be happier with finally finding the dream pants that have haunted my being since laying eyes on Christian Blanken in February. Yes, a 4 month waiting period is as excruciating as it sounds! So don't mind if I do gloat and boast and post only self-portraits of me in my dream pants.

And no, I won't tell you where they're from... Unless you ask me nicely...


Favourite things: Raybans, Peanut Pendant, Leopard Print & Tangerine....
and to finish it all off, my uber favourite electric courts!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

MALAWI WOWEE - A Lake of Stars

We recently took a trip to Malawi to celebrate the wedding of two friends, and being an Indian affair this was the most part of the holiday... but we did manage to visit Cape Maclear to see Malawi's incredible lake. And what pristine magic that lake is...

Accommodation: Danforth Yachting
Contributors: @Czarica_Ksenija and @markstry

B I J O U T E R I E pour vous...

We decided to take matters into our own hands for this cold season and bring you some bijouterie to add to your true blooded and military winter wardrobe. See anything you fancy?

Fish pendant on long silver chain R60

Feather pendant on long silver chain R50

Pocket watch pendant on long silver chain R50

Peanut pendant on long silver chain R60

Fork n Spoon pendants on long silver chain R60

Gun pendant on long silver chain R60

Cute birds pendant on long silver chain R60

Portrait pendant on long silver chain R50

All bijouterie presented here are hand made by our contributors and are subject to an availability check. Please comment if you are interested in purchasing. Bijouterie is also made to order.

Contributors: @Czarica_Ksenija and @JanineStrydom