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I have a problem with clothes. I cant live without them, I love them as much as I love anything with a soul. But those silly things called budgets and financesget in the way of my passion. So I am determined in finding the solution to getting around those obstacles. And the first way of tackling this is to see what’s hot for the upcoming wintery season to see what can be thrown out and what can be revamped..

Christian Blanken. LOVE.

Especially due to the fact that last year I decided to populate my wardrobe  with grey. And more grey. And what was I thinking? I am a person of colour, colour, colour, prints, colour, colour, colour and I ended up with an entire wardrobe of grey?! So here’s my story of finding out what’s on point for this  winter so that I can dive into my sparkly self again and come out #winning. We’ll take a look at the wallpaper prints on sheer, on stockings and on pants that Erdem and Bora Aksu brought us. We’ll see the utlra fabulous “it” colour of the moment - which in turn is the reason for colour blocking still being on trend. That “it” colour and all the magnificent ways to wear it, all the colours that compliment it and as Christian Blanken shows us to do it with metallics. YUMMY.   

I’m also loving this Jetsons inspired dresses that are coming out with the tutu detail. Gosh, if I could have everything from Antonio Berardi’s rail from the fashion week in London I would be immensely satisfied. But since that is not realistic quite yet, we will make do with what’s available and try get that ish tailor made... which could be even better!

Antonio Berardi - Autumn Winter 2012
Antonio Berardi
Corrie Nielsen

Plaid and tartan is making it’s way in for this season too, and check out Corlie Nielsen’s stuff from fashion week, the fascinators are incredible. And speaking of fascinators, those are in! Along with wide brimmed felt hats. Yes, wide brimmed hats. In an assortment of colours. 

Corrie Nielsen

The bowtie belt from burberry is something I’m seeing everywhere, so a must-have accessorry along with a pair of pastel coloured golfer gloves. Winter doesn’t look so grey anymore.

Burberrt Prorsum
Burberry Prorsum
5inchandup LOVE.

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