Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Spare Ticket Adventure Book

22 March, Thursday 5pm faced me with a first world problem. I had to find something to wear to a white glam party. For Marie Clare. And Giorgio Armani. Did I say problem? Actually no... This was the start of the The Spare Ticket Adventure Book.


And this is a dedicated post to my friend Pippa, whom without there would be no such thing as The Spare Ticket Adventure Book.
I rush home, already only leaving work @ 17h20 made it that I had already lost 20 minutes in the race against time to find an outfit worthy of such a party. But I must ask, who chooses white as a theme? It's not everyone's most flattering colour.. and somewhat a scarcity in my wardrobe -- I have creme and champagne, white not so much! 

But we all get by with a little help from our friends and I pulled our a sheer (white) button up shirt and paired it with a favourite grey pencil skirt and those burgundy suede heels all my friends wish their feet could fill. All in all, a successful glam outfit that had was enough to grant me access to the fabulous event. Oh, and the name Carmen. *clicks for Pippa*

Can you say The OC meets Gossip Girl on a rooftop in Joburg? I can, and armed with a 5D and fisheye lens, nobody minded that I took photos whilst nursing rose champagne and munching on salmon starters. In fact, I was the most ambitious photographer, delicately balancing between taking a good photo and not falling over in 5 inch heels.



So there I am, at this wonderful party and I spot the bar with its lighting is the perfect location to grab some awesome photos. Of shoes. And then of Mr South Africa - newly crowned as of Saturday the previous week. A quick to-and-fro conversation and it turns out we met on one of the many Edgars TV commercials I shot last year - small world and then he's Mr South Africa. 

Andrew Govender Mr South Africa

One of the tricksies of the event was the "dunk a hunk" which Marie Clare so generously picked Greg Hammond as one of those hunks and if you bought a bottle of the Acqua for Life range of perfume you got to pick the hunk you want to push into the pool. Oh yes, I did mention that this was a poolside rooftop in Jozi right? 

Every like = 50 litres

Francois Hougaard

Greg Hammond

And Mr Hammond was very nice to pose for a couple of photos for me. And then some more photos. And then a photo with gorgeous Pippa. Yes, she got to touch his back. For reals. Who could ask for more? Champagne on a rooftop with men who get wet in pools and are known for the topless calendars. And shoes. Oh the shoes. Well done Giorgio, well done.

Greg Hammond


movie stars.

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